Saudi Intelligent Solutions, SIS, is part of the Intelligent Solutions International Group.   Founded in London in 1986, Rushdale Computing Limited is the parent company of Saudi Intelligent Solutions.  Our business expertise combined with our service oriented approach makes us uniquely effective in addressing our clients solution and service requirements; We bring proven methodologies that keep our client engagements focused, pragmatic and allows us to efficiently deliver actionable outcomes to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Saudi Intelligent Solutions (SIS) offers unparalleled professional ICT services to corporations and businesses of all sizes in Saudi Arabia. We offer the expertise to help you build business, services and increase your business agility through flexible resource and talent pool solutions as well integrated ICT services and solutions.  

Recognising the growth of managed resources, Saudi Intelligent Solutions (SIS) works with clients across diverse industries interested in harnessing the power of outsourced recruitment, consultancy and managed recruitment services.    SIS helps companies take advantage of their full potential with tailored options to bolster business, sales and success.  

Our Brands

Saudi Intelligent Solutions offers its service portfolio in line with our mantra of “Simply Intelligent”.  Regardless of which service and commercial brand you engage withe from SIS we will always strive to understand your precise needs and tailor our solution to provide the most efficient route to your success.  Our commercial brands are:

Our group company, SIS has been in the Saudi market since its founding in 2007

Premier provider of human capital solutions, powering the workforce of some of Saudi Arabia's biggest companies

The first office Apple System Integrator in Saudi Arabia and a trusted provider to the service and retail sector. You have probably used our services without realising it

Your partner for all things HP and HPE. Buy servers, networking, storage and professional services online or contact us for customized solutions


Our latest offering, serving small business and individuals with technology solutions, leveraging our successes and experience with Apple, HPE and others

Our creative agency, providing digital marketing and web design solutions for our customers, and internal R&D for the rest of the group

We have worked with some of best brands in Saudi Arabia

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